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Our consulting service specializes in investigating and analyzing issues such as customer management strategies and business reforms, and proposes effective improvement plans that meet the needs.

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Design Development

We will build a system based on the customer’s request. We provide advanced and detailed support for business systems, Internet systems such as portal sites, and application development.

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UI / UX Design

Build your business strategy as a concrete user experience. We support both design and technology for maximum effectiveness and new experiences.


Certificated in these fields

Codeless has been quietly but consistently building a powerhouse portfolio of web site design and marketing success. We have cheerfully and expertly designed, developed, strategized and implemented web marketing programs and wordpress sites for small and large medical clients, non-profit foundations, design agencies, real estate groups and small service clients.Codeless has been quietly but consistently building a powerhouse portfolio of web site design and marketing success. We have cheerfully and expertly designed, developed, strategized.

Web Development
Web Design
Brand & Marketing
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Website Development

We give top priority to usability, such as web responsive design that satisfies users’ usability and smartphone optimization, and propose the optimal web design for each device.

App Development

Gloding’s strength lies in the knowledge and know-how accumulated through past application development achievements. We accurately grasp the needs of users and provide the required solutions.

System Construction

We are developing services to propose solutions and support system construction and introduction by identifying issues and problems that users have, as well as discovering potential needs and issues that need to be improved.

EC Site Production

We can offer a wide range of proposals according to your budget and needs, as well as integrated services from construction to site operation, such as content planning and production, product order management, and site promotion.

DX Planning

We provide flexible and prompt support services such as workflow transformation, data analysis, and development / construction of new systems in order to respond to changes in the market and destruction of existing business models.


We will provide proposals and support to solve various problems such as the delay in IT implementation, lack of IT expertise, and the desire to promote IT implementation to improve operations and reduce costs.

UI / UX Design

We will thoroughly consider the customer experience (UX) that can be provided through the service, and shape the UI with a design that is easy for users to use and conveys the brand image.

AI Technology

We will introduce AI technology in various situations such as image recognition, enhanced search function, chat function, data analysis, etc. to improve the usability and UX of the website.


We support the digital transformation of R & D by providing solutions specializing in data digitization, integration and management, and operational model transformation of product and service development utilizing data.

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