Kiichiro Muto

Director / Japan

Graduated from SVA (New York), principal in 1998. Graduated from Master's Program in Digital Media, Department of Visual Arts, Columbia University, 2001 (Department Prize). Ended research at the same university in 2002. Worked at PKO (New York United Nations Headquarters Peacekeeping Operations Department). Active in New York based on IT skills such as Columbia University Webmaster and Director of Rockefeller Foundation. SILVERSPACE Corp, (New York) CEO

1998年SVA(ニューヨーク)首席卒業(学長賞)。 2001年コロンビア大学視覚芸術学部デジタルメディア、科修士課程首席終了(学部長賞)。 2002年同大学研究課程終了。PKO(ニューヨーク国際連合本部平和維持活動推進部)勤務。 コロンビア大学ウェブマスター、ロックフェラー財団などのディレクターなどITのスキルを生かし、ニューヨークを拠点に活動。SILVERSPACE Corp,(ニューヨーク)CEO

Herman Tolle

Country Manager / Indonesia

Completed undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Brawijaya University (Malang, Indonesia) and master from ITB Bandung (Indonesia), and Doctor of Information Science from Saga University (Japan). Currently as head of the Mobile Application Development Laboratory from the Faculty of Computer Science at Brawijaya University. Over 15 years experience in web application development. Now, specializes in product management.

Doni Putra Purbawa

Director / Indonesia

Completed undergraduate degree in Informatics Engineering from Brawijaya University (Malang, Indonesia) and was an exchange student at SPACE Program for satellite image processing research in Saga University (Japan) for 6 months. Over 3 years experienced in web and mobile application development. Have other experience in server development and management using Amazon. Currently as General Manager in Gloding, Inc. (Japan - Indo).

Hirotoshi Kosugi

Adviser / Japan


Tatsuya Baba


トヨタ自動車入社、その後株式会社ビジョンにて通信サービスの法人営業、オーストラリアに留学を経て株式会社ラバーズ設立。 2011年にフランスのパリに移住。

Imam Ghozali

Commissioner / Indonesia

Experienced developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Interested in Website Mobile Application Developement, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Computer Science from Brawijaya University.


Vice Commissioner / Indonesia

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in informatics from Brawijaya University in 2017. Was an exchange student at SPACE-E Program for e-learning research at Saga University. Experienced in web development for 3 years and also interested in UI/UX design. Currently working at PT Global Coding Indonesia based in Malang, Indonesia.


App Manager / Indonesia

Graduated with bachelor's degree in education of information and technology from Brawijaya Universitiy on 2019. Interested in UI/UX Design, Front-end, and Details. Currently working at PT. Global Coding Indonesia, Malang.

Toshie Yamada Local Manager Japan
Chieko Kanemori Chief Researcher Japan
Sifasani App Developer Indonesia
Mury Chief App Programmer Indonesia
Hiroko Tanaka Designer Japan
Ian Web Developer Indonesia
Ipul App Developer Indonesia
Piko Web Developer Indonesia
Rez App Developer Indonesia
Yuta Designer USA
Rey Kim Designer USA
Dini Web Developer Indonesia
Alfin App Developer Indonesia
Ano Web Developer Indonesia
Lizma Web Developer Indonesia
Risma Web Developer Indonesia
Zeddin Web Developer Indonesia